Moth Infestation in Central Virginia

The space under your bed, is the best place to attract our little moth friends. They will find their way to that area especially if there is a wool or hand knotted rug, hiding in the dark. He will let his family know and they will take residence up there. They will be very quiet and not show up in the house until their colony has become quite large. What is better for our uninvited guests? Per New York Times, Moth larvae prefer fibers of animal origin, including wool, mohair, cashmere, fur, and feathers. What is better than hand knotted rugs which are usually made of 100% animal wool? Our secret roommate will be eating wool and laying eggs and very soon you will have a huge moth family living in the dark areas of your home eating your rugs, or sweaters and jackets.
Once you’ve identified that there is a moth issue, you’ll need to check your rugs and home closets for damage. Killing or trapping all the flying moths won’t solve the problem because it’s their babies (larvae) that do the actual damage.
Moth damage is very common recently in Central Virginia. Dawn Rezai, owner of Persian Rugs and More says: “In comparison to the early years of opening the business, the people who had their rugs damaged by moth is higher at least 3 times more” than when we opened. They come into homes under doors and down chimneys. They are not the same moths we see flying around lights at night. They are small and very stealthy.
The best way to protect your investment, is to let the professionals take care of your rugs and moth proof your hand knotted rugs, and to keep a watch for pests like the wool moth and carpet beetles from eating and causing them damage. Persian and Hand knotted rugs need to be cleaned at minimum of every 5 years to keep the wool healthy. Perhaps you have an uninvited guest already in your home, before it is too late, give us a call, make an appointment, let us come and check out your carpets to make sure they are in good shape. We can take care of and carpet pest problems you may have for you.