Rugs Specialist in Lynchburg Virginia

Our service is available in:

Smith Mountain Lake
Town of Bedford

We offer free delivery on purchase of new rug.

  • You come to our store, and we will help you with to select as many rugs as might work in your room.
  • We will set an appointment with you, and we will bring as many rugs as you wish to your place. 
  • We will move the furniture and put the rugs down for you and you can look at them in your house.
  • You can keep couple of nominees for couple of days and make your final decision. 
  • If you decide to have a pad for your rug, we will bring the pad and put in down for you and put your furniture back on the rug. 

All of these services are free on purchase of a new rug. 

We offer Pickup and Delivery for cleaning

  • We will come and move the furniture for you and take your rug(s) for cleaning.
  • If you have pads and they are in bad shape, we will dispose them properly for you.
  • On the day of returning, we will put your rug down and move the furniture back on the rug. 

The fee for this service, depends on the size of the rug, and how much furniture you are having.


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