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Oops, accidents do happen!

To properly protect your investment, it is imperative that you repair your rug immediately after the damage occurs.  This not only prevents further and potentially more serious damage from occurring, but also significantly limits the cost of the repair.  It is important to remember that the less damaged the rug is, the easier it is to restore and the less costly the repair.  We find that most repairs necessary to restore an area rug to like new condition are quite simple and cost less than you think.

Our professional repair staff has the expertise to repair even the finest antique or oriental rug.  We offer a wide variety of repair services, including:

  • Re-fringing, binding, or serging
  • Repairing of missing or worn areas either by reweaving or patching
  • Adding or removing fringe

We can repair and/or reweave moth damage and we can moth proof rugs and prepare for storage and/or shipping.


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